Donut Wedding Tower

Donut Hole Croquembouche AKA Donut Wedding Tower A traditional croquembouche is a french pastry ‘cake’ tower made of cream puffs/profiteroles. This tower tutorial is made of donuts making this a faux croquembouche….. but this is still very very lovely and a great twist on the traditional french delicacy! Apparently these donut towers are still trending as an alternative to traditional wedding cakes, bachelor cakes, birthday cakes etc etc ...kinda perfect for a New Years party

Donut Wedding Tower Tutorial
Materials: Wax Paper, Crepe Paper, Toothpicks, Quick Dry Glue, Scissors, Large Styrofoam Cone, 250 Donut Holes

Step 1: Cut out a small circle of crepe paper about 2 inches wide.
Step 2: Put a few lines of glue all over one side.
Step 3: Pull and crumple the paper up a bit and wrap the glue covered side around the top of a toothpick. Hold it as it dries and arrange the paper to look like flower’s center.
Step 4: Cut a larger circle out of the wax paper.  Cut fringe around the whole perimeter of this circle. Fold the circle very gently in half and cut a small opening in the very center.
Step 5: Poke the covered toothpick into the opening.
Step 6: Put some glue around the perimeter of the crepe-papered toothpick and then push up the middle part of the wax paper circle so that the wax paper portion is glued to the crepe paper portion.
Step 7: Hold the pieces together, fluffing and arranging the flower as it dries.
Step 8:  Poke a toothpick into the base of the styrofoam cone. Stick a donut hole into the opposite end of this toothpick. Continue this method all the way around the base of the cone making one even row.
Step 9: Make another row right above the first row. Be sure to stagger the donuts; don’t put a donut directly above the donut below it, but put the donut above the space that is between the two donuts below it.
Step 10: Continue on, adding flowers here and there until the entire cone is covered.
Step 11: Get some friends over to eat!


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