Reindeer Chuppa Chups

This is such a cute Christmas craft that would make great gifts for your Kids and friends..

Materials :
Cardboard or coloured paper
glitter or other decorating materials
Round lollypops


1. Draw the outline of a reindeer head on a piece of cardboard or coloured paper. Cut around outline. To make one face, you will need two identical shapes..
2. Carefully cut a round hole in place of the nose on both pieces.

3. Decorate the face of your reindeer by drawing or gluing the features onto one head shape.
4. Once decorated and dry, place one head shape face down, place the lollypop on top (lining up the sweet with the hole in the card) and then place the other head shape face up on top.
5. Glue both pieces of cardboard together to secure the lollypop between the two cards.

And there you have it! Cute reindeer sweets for your  Kids to give to their friends at Christmas-time



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